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The 14 tiles of a winning hand of online Mahjong can be accommodated so that they have multiple formations. In order that the hand is considered a winning hand, the hand must be complete. That is, a complete hand means that each tile that you must be part of a formation.

This is a formation of two sticks and tiles identical values. This training will not give you points, but is needed to complete a winning hand of Mahjong casino. In the conventional game of Mahjong online, under certain circumstances, a player must declare a formation.

The Exposed Kong is a formation that shows three tiles face up and face down on a tile these tiles. The Hidden Kong is a formation that shows three tiles face down and face up on a tile these tiles, the exact opposite Exposed Kong.

If no called sets in your hand and if you only have a Hidden Kong said, is called a clean hand. It is important to know that you can lose points if your hand is not clean in Mahjong online casino. The formations mentioned above can be mixed or combined to display different winning combinations in online casino Mahjong. It is important to note that there are special hands (Nine Lanterns Treasury) that will give you extra points for specific combinations of tiles, which are not considered by the above rules.

To win a round of Mahjong online, you need to accumulate a total of 700 points. You receive points for their specific formations, their combinations and their actions. The points in the game of casino, result in the outcome of the game, which then translates into how much money you earned.

The score of the game is derived from the number of points you have earned and is calculated using a complex algorithm and traditional. The more points you collect in Mahjong online, earn more money. Below is a list of hands, actions and explanations for the points to be won in the game of online casino. The value of that particular hand is added to form the total points for that round. You can not receive more than 20 points per round. If the total points for the round is over 20, will be rounded down.

Therefore, before making a bet make sure you fully understand the operation of the game. Remember also that the rules vary from one casino to another. Playing in a casino should be fun in itself. However, all players want to win.