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This attitude can lead to a total loss of the player's bankroll, by the mere fact of not knowing accept something as common as having a bad day and lose.

Serious otherwise the previous case, a player who usually have a great day of hands won overstate this result and consequently can start playing in a very conservative, rejecting moves probabilistically positive for having thoughts like "I do not want risk what I just won "in this case they do not exactly protect profits but start playing bad.

Entering easily tilt: a player focused on short-term play on tilt enter with ease and not bear a loss or a series of bad bets in a day. Poker Mac very common (but happens in all poker rooms), angry at the bad players.

These players consider important the short term (i.e. the results of the day) and when they risk a little and lose a well important to a player instead consider strategies or paid when I had the pot / odds to do so, it generates anger against the player who can take criticism and even insult or rudeness.

Again, it may happen that the player begins to participate in hands that should not go just to try to get your opponent gains trying to think back what was his. Summarizing this article and taking into account the most important concept to keep in mind is that if every play was the right decision.

The actual outcome of the hand is irrelevant, there will be many occasions where you lose points (if Free poker is played) or money, making the best move.

Why worry about playing in the best possible way always trying to make right decisions and not constantly worry about money or points and for this a good exercise is to try not to find out how many points (poker games) or how much money he has earned or lost within one day.

If you are playing live always keep your chips messy for failing to keep tabs on your bankroll. If you are playing online go to the tables with ungrounded amounts and keep adding points (poker free) or money at random. If you do not concentrate on how much you are winning or losing in this, may proceed quietly seeking the real goal, which is to take the best decision to make.