Online Casino Factors

For each tile in your hand that matches the tile Dora, you get more points in the online Mahjong games. Under his hand you will see information about online casino Mahjong. What you bet for each round of online casino Mahjong. You can use the arrow button to Increase or Decrease your bet amount.

Since it is your bet for every round of Mahjong online casino. This is the total amount you have won in the last round of Mahjong casino.This button opens a screen that shows how much you can win, according to the ratings and the names of the tiles in your hand now. To close this screen, click the close button.

You can use the following keyboard shortcut instead of clicking various buttons on the screen. This will illuminate the next button on the screen of the game Mahjong. Pressing this button will activate the button on your screen lit Mahjong online casino.

This key will force him out of the game of online casino and take you directly to the casino lobby. You will find a toolbar with additional information on the bottom of the screen Mahjong game online casino. This will show how much money you have in your balance for online games. Clicking this button will open a new page where you can make deposits or withdrawals and you will see your past transactions.

You can only see this button if you are playing in the online casino in the form of 'Play for fun' mode or 'Offline'. Clicking this button will take you to a login screen where you can create a new account to play for real money.

If you click on this icon while playing at the online casino will trigger a black strip to the left of where you type icon. Then you can type a text message and then clicking on the chat, a new chat window will open. You can only talk to other players who are playing in multiplayer mode. This button will open the kit instructions Mahjong online casino, which you are reading now. This button allows you to speak to a specialist online casino customer. This button takes you out of the game you are playing and will be back in the online casino lobby. If you are playing in multi-window mode, this button will say Close. But if you have activated the multi-window mode, the button will say Lobby. If you want, you can change this function using the Options button.