Online Video Poker

Video poker requires a player to a serious approach to the determination of the rate. If the value of the coin game (varies from $ 0.05 to $ 5) - the case of possession of taste and degree of caution, the number of coins bet (from 1 to 5) directly affects the amount of potential winnings. And the higher the amount, the greater the risk pays off the player.All feature of this type of video poker - bonus payments in the table, namely the list of winning combinations. By the usual jack or more (up to 5 coins bonus), two pairs (10 coins), Seto (15 coins), straight (up to 20 coins), flash (up to 25 coins), full house (up to 40 coins) and Straight Flush (up to 250 coins) are added to the combinations that except Aces and Faces Poker not found anywhere else.

Video poker , which in addition to the classic game of "Jacks or Better" is its variants such as Deuces Wild, Aces and Pictures, Jokers Wild, and many others. Aces and Faces Poker (Aces and figures) - is very akin to the "Jacks or Better" video poker variety. The game is played on the display of the poker machine, card deck is shuffled after each game round. In the competence of the player to determine the size of the bet and each drawing once to change any number of cards dropped.The main goal - to collect five cards that make up a winning combination. In this sense, Aces and Faces Poker looks very advantageous because in contrast to the same Mega Jacks is much more winning combinations, and thus more opportunities to become the owner of a large reward.

Round consists of two hands. The first player withdraws bid and opens five random cards. Perhaps among them will have a winning combination or not. In any case, the player has the right to exchange any number of cards, highlighting those that he wants to leave. The second distribution - is the exchange of non-assigned to other cards. It forms the final results of the round. Any gain in Joker Poker can be doubled. To do this, click the pop-up window, the "double." In the risky game the dealer reveals a card at random and asks the player to do the same with one of the four face down cards to choose from. If a player opens the face value of the card is older than the face value of the dealer's cards, it doubles your winnings. If the value below - lose all the winnings. In case of equal ratings procedure is repeated. Double the winnings can be up to a certain limit (usually up to win $ 2000).

The strongest combination is a natural royal flush (compiled without the jokers). Payments on her reach 5000 coins (or $ 25,000). Five of the same denominations - the second strongest combination with payments of up to 1000 coins. Royal flush created with joker bonus payments paid to 500 coins. The rest of the winning combinations (standard poker hierarchy) do not differ by a factor of presence in these jokers. Minimum payments are provided for the combination of spacecraft, AA and two pairs (up to 5 bonus coins).