Poker Tournaments

I will try to name a few basics that can become useful to understand why it is sometimes normal to lose doing the best move you could make considering the odds and all the information that is available.

Let us start from a known base for all poker is a game of skill and luck, hand across the letters are random and consequently the winner of a hand is also determined randomly.

A skilled player (starting from this point) can not do anything to increase your chances of winning a hand where there has the best cards unless you can make your opponents fold, here is where the "skill".

The poker is not to win the largest number of hands, but to win as many points as possible (if you play poker for free) or as much money as possible (if played poker cash), so a good player will try to lose little with their bad hands and win a lot with his good hands.

Let us start from another base: in the short term game luck prevails, but long term always dominates the skill. For this reason the player who manages to play many hands at in periods of time will make the luck factor does not influence the outcome of your game.

Arguably, if a person plays hundreds of thousands of hands the luck factor disappears completely, however you can also say that playing so many hands take a very long time, and therefore have to take into account a key concept in the poker: "variance", which are deviations from the average results a player has.

A poker player who wants to be in a relatively constant winner will play just thinking about the long-term and forget about what happens in the short term (it is favorable or unfavorable). If he can understand it and apply it in your game will not mind the result of a session, and less than one hand.

Instead, a player who gives too much importance to the results obtained in the short term will feel amazed after a good day of play and deeply depressed before a day that did more to lose and be prone to making these mistakes. Go losing and retiring rather keep playing to try to recover losses: this can be a very serious mistake especially if this level up when you are psychologically fragile.