These are the currencies of various colors used in online casino roulette. A bet that is placed in a vertical column in the design of online roulette game. This is another name used to refer to the employee who manages the game of roulette in the casino.

Refers to the area in the online roulette table that offers the numbered slots for the game. A bet that is placed in the center, where the portion of the numbers in the scheme of the game in casino roulette. Inside bets include line bet, split bet, bet and bet corner cross.

A bet that is placed in the spaces outside the portion of the outline numbers in roulette gambling casino. Outside bets include bets column bets dozen bets, high or low, odd or even bets and betting red or black. The part used to divide the numbers within the wheel track of roulette. 'Street' known as 'Cross': Used to refer to a horizontal row of three numbered spaces in designing game casino roulette.

Another term used in online casino roulette to refer to money that is given to the dealer to say thanks. To start a game of roulette online casino, choose the desired chip value, by clicking on one of the chips that are on the left of the screen. Then click on the section of the table you want to place your bet.

Each click on the table then you increase the bet regarding the value of the chip. To change the value of the tab you have selected, click the next tab to be desired. You can bet with chips of different values in a single spin of the roulette casino.

You start the game by clicking on the spin button. This began the first round of betting by activating the online roulette wheel. Find other three icons that will help you play roulette best. This icon deletes all previous bets made in the round in online roulette.

This icon will activate the exact bet you placed in the last round of the last round of online roulette. This button is only available when playing in multiplayer mode online casino. This will allow you to leave a turn to pass. This button will allow you to talk to other players while playing roulette at the casino. If you click on this icon, a text box appears so that you can write on it. In the bottom of the page of online casino, there is a toolbar with information you find useful. Current Balance for online roulette: On the bottom left is a box indicating where your current balance.