Spinning Wheel Game

When you feel you are ready to play roulette online for real money, this icon will allow you to switch from fun mode, real money mode. Clicking this button will take you to a page to create your cash account, where you can play casino roulette for real money.

This icon will allow you to talk to other players while playing roulette at the casino. A chat window will appear when you click on this button. This button has three different options while you're playing roulette online casino.

This icon allows you to view the details of the last games he has played in online casino roulette. This will allow you to make changes to the configuration of the sound and quality. This icon will take you to the instructions for the casino game that you are currently reading.

This icon will take you back to the home page and close the online casino game you are playing at that moment. This key allows you to go from icon icon without having to use the mouse. Clicking this button will activate the button is lit.

This key can be used for one of two things. You can spin the wheel to start a new round. This key can also be used to perform the previous bet a second time. These buttons allow you to choose the value you want to play.

This key will take you back to the lobby and outside the game of casino roulette. When you are playing roulette online casino, it is mandatory that the earnings of a higher amount verified by an operator. An amount of $ 10,000 or more, is considered a big profit.

In the case of a malfunction, all payments and online casino games will be canceled. In the case of a disconnection during a roulette game, please set your Internet connection and connect to the online casino. You can restore your connection to the game by clicking on the icon in history.

This icon will allow you to make deposits when you're ready to play online roulette for real money. This icon also allows you to withdraw money and also you will see the latest transactions and history of previous bets made at the casino.