Video Poker

Only available if you were playing in a game with other players. While you will be able to answer the casino administration if it starts a dialogue. In the bottom of the screen Video Poker online casino, there is a toolbar with useful information you will find. Shows the amount of money you have to play at the online casino.

This button will only appear if you are playing in the form of 'Play for Fun'. Clicking this button opens a page where you can create an account to play for real money.

If you click on this icon while playing at the online casino, it will trigger a black strip to the left of where you type icon. You can only talk to other players if you are playing in multiplayer mode.

This icon allows you to view the details of the last games he has played in the online casino. Here you can change the game settings. The help option will allow you to speak with a specialist online casino customer while playing video poker.

This icon will take you out of the game and will be back in the Lobby. If you are playing Multi-windows mode, the button will say Close. The pay table / Awards: This will allow you to see how much of the profits of Video Poker online casino. This is based on a bet of a $ 1 coin. To find the value of their earnings, multiply the number you see on the pay table for the value of the currency you bet.

This will put the last bet you made in the last round of cards. Clicking on the number 1, keep the first letter on the left. By clicking number 2 keep the second card on the left, etc..
This key will take you out of the game of Video Poker online casino.

If a player wins more than $ 10,000, which is considered a great triumph, it is mandatory that the proceeds of this amount will be verified before you can make a withdrawal.

In the case of a malfunction in the game of video poker, all payments and casino games will be canceled. In the case of a disconnection during a game of Video Poker, please set your Internet connection and log on to the online casino for you to be directed to their last game.